Gumball Machine

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It's almost Christmas and you know what that means...GIFTS! Not only does this mean receiving gifts, but if you're like me, it's the busiest time of year in the workshop. I'm not one of those people who cut Christmas gifts in September!

This pattern is perhaps the best one we've ever made, and I honestly believe that it is better than many of the purchasable patterns out there. This gumball machine pattern is perfect for a child or even an office desk! I cut mine out of two different woods to dress it up a bit. I used padouk to give it a nice color, and white oak to provide a lighter colored wood. Also, make this pattern your own! I made my lever pretty simple, but there are unlimited possibilities. Cut the person's name in the lever perhaps?

Currently we are working on making a pattern where the gumball will drop out and either spiral around the machine or fall through a series of platforms before landing at the bottom. Please add rings/levels, change the mechanism... whatever you want, and send in your pictures! We love to see the creativity!


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