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Many people wonder where they can purchase exotic woods for sawing such as yellowheart, purpleheart, wenge, bloodwood, etc. Many local lumber yards only sell general lumber, not carrying these exotic woods. Today I took a trip down to Frank Miller Lumber, and let me tell you, it was something to see. If you are a woodworker, this is a place you want to visit. I was purchasing some exotic species of wood for 3 intarsia projects I'm doing for a school summer art class. You can buy many exotic species by the board feet. I was able to get everything I needed plus much much more. Just getting into sawing, or just want to try some other species of wood? There is a section of wood that costs only 50 cents per pound and also a scrap bin of free wood. Thick, thin, wide, or narrow, they have it all. This was my first trip there, but already I'm planning on going back sometime soon.

Frank Miller Lumber is located in Union City, IN.
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For a list of species sold by FML visit The Stocksheet


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