Family Frame Pattern 3x5 / Haiti Mission Trip

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This pattern is a hanging picture frame. With a little tweaking and designing, it can be used as a free standing picture frame as well. If a quarter inch rabbet is added to the inside of the square on the back of the frame, the picture and glass can be inserted. Staples can be inserted behind the picture to hold it into the frame. The picture above is from the mission trip to Haiti Eric and I went on last summer. Our group was with each other for over a week and practically became a family. We visited 5 months after the earthquake (our trip was planned before the quake) and when we arrived, it looked like the day after the earthquake. We tried to do our part with what little time we had, including building a house for a homeless family. Now you may say "Well that is nothing, there are millions of homeless people down there; there is no way to make a difference." Well let me say this: I'm sure we made a difference to that family. Also, I am currently sponsoring a boy named Djeff who lives in an orphanage. The money pays for him to attend school and for basic necessities.
The family that moved in.

Djeff took this photo of Eric and Jeremy.

Jeremy and Djeff.


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