Collaborative Post: Chess Board

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This post is a collaboration between the Scroll Bench Team and Tina Cuadra.

"Hi, this is a chess set and table my husband and I made. The chess pieces are made of popular and redwood. The table was made from mahogany and maple. This was a very difficult project to make because of all the compound cuts. The squares on the table are larger than normal to fit the bug pieces but I think I like it better that way because you have more table space. We made it coffee table size so when we're not playing chess it's a pretty table. Just remember when cutting the chess pieces try to use somewhat soft wood because they are hard to cut. I also wrap my compounds with clear packing tape because it makes it easier to cut." - Tina Cuadra

The pattern came from this book on Amazon:

Wooden Chess Sets You Can Make: 9 Complete Designs for the Scroll Saw

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