Nativity Scene Intarsia

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Today I wanted to upload pictures of my intarsia Nativity scene. I made this back in early December, and used the patterns from Scroll Saw Woodworking and Crafts magazine. The patterns were given as ornaments for your Christmas tree, but I decided to use them to create my own scene. I made doubles of some animals (3 camels, 3 sheep) and made variants of the patterns as well (sitting sheep and camel). I designed my own stable and put a light inside, as well as a 2 layer base made from 3/4" aspen. Aspen is cheap, and because it won't be touched much, its softness won't be a problem. I flipped some of the patterns so that the animals could face both ways. For Christmas I received the Razertip SS-D10 pyrography system, so I burned in details on the Nativity set afterwards.

My Nativity just shows how patterns can be adjusted to fit your needs. There is no need to copy a pattern exactly. Edit it to make it your own! I encourage you to do that to my patterns as well! And when done, send pictures to me so I can show off your work and help inspire others to personalize their work!

Woods used in my Nativity:

To come: I'll try to post the patterns of the animals that I custom made soon. It's March, I know, but it doesn't hurt to start on a set now! And I'll have to post the patterns while I have access to them here at home (I'm currently on Spring Break). I never made an actual pattern for stable, but I'll post detailed pictures of it for you to look off of in creating your own version. I'll also try to post a review of my Razertip tool for the pyrographers out there, as well as a few beginner projects I did.



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