Scroll Saw Portraits

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Doug Poat, a scroll sawer from Long Island, NY. Doug takes photographs, converts them into patterns, then painstakingly cuts them out, paying attention to every detail. These are great memories and gifts for loved ones and friends. This is a quote from his site:
Example of Doug's Fine Work.

Let me transform your favorite photos into a work of art like no other. Send me your photos either by snail mail or email and I will evaluate them as a potential pattern for free with no obligation to purchase. It makes no difference what the project is, I give each and everyone the same intense effort. I make each piece as if it is going on my own shelf like a trophy. This way I can make sure every piece comes out good. And you being the customer, if your are happy with your purchase, I would hope that you would pass my name along to your friends and family. Don’t keep me a secret."

Feel free to contact him anytime with questions, requests or concerns at:

Please visit his site and feel free to contact him for a custom pattern.


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