Book Cutting on the Scroll Saw

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Book cutting on the scroll saw is a simple, yet rewarding project. When completed, the hollowed books serve many uses. A bookshelf may be the last place someone looks when searching for valuables such as jewelry or money. That is why this project can be so useful. To cut books on a scroll saw, only a few steps are needed. After finding a good sized book, pull back the front and back cover of the book, and use a large rubber band to keep them in place. Next, cut 2 pieces of quarter inch plywood and place them above and below the stack of pages to be cut. Then, use a pencil to draw a random figure in the wood, being careful not to draw too close to the edge. If you try to draw a perfect rectangle, and it does not line up perfectly with the edges of the book, the completed product will look unappealing and will have an appearance of low quality work. Therefore, if a random shape is drawn, it will look normal and of good quality. When the boards are placed above and below the stack of pages to be cut, put the book, with the wood, on top of an old sheet of steel of some sort. After that, drive nails through the boards and paper of the shape to be cut out. The steel sheet will flatten the nail heads as they come through the bottom board so they won't scratch the surface of the scroll saw. Next, drill a hole through the boards and paper of the shape big enough so a large blade will fit through. Finally, cut the shape out on a scroll saw, and enjoy your new book safe. I will try to post a video showing how to do it tomorrow.
Here is that video link.


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